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Plasma-Focus Applications


There are many possible applications of Plasma-Focus already proved in present-day experiments, e.g.:

  • as an efficient, strongly localised source of soft X-rays for nano-technology and nano-machinery, and for back-lightning of transient microscopic events;

  • as an efficient source of very short (few nanosecond) pulses of hard X-rays and neutrons for dynamical defectoscopy of moving or rotating objects, or for investigation of non-stationary phenomena;

  • as a source of plasma, and electron and ion streams as well as neutron radiation for materials’ testing (ensures extremely heavy radiation and plasma loads relevant to inertial and magnetic confinement fusion);

  • as a source of short, intense neutron pulses for explosives and other illicit materials detection (humanitarian demining, luggage and other cargo control on frontiers, etc.);

  • in medicine for short living isotopes production and cancer therapy. 

Material Sciences

Tests of radiation resistive materials
Scheme of irradiation
SEM picture
 Material Science 
Material Science
 AFM picture Material Science






 Coating Implantation




Dynamic Quality Control (defectoscopy)





X-Ray picture of rotating tyre with a dosimeter 

Time resolution 10 ns
Spatial resolution < 100 um



Visualization and contrasting in X-ray micro-radiology

PF biology

A mosquito proboscis in its “open” position

5 um

Radiation Enzymology


 Activation PF-enzimology

Medicine (brachytherapy, BCNT, ...)


Interstitial surgery (brachytherapy)
PF Medicine

Cultural Heritage

It is possible to clean antiques by short powerful flashes of plasma and ion-beams from DPF by sublimation of patina without melting thus avoiding damage of images.
Statue Giusppe Verdi Trieste

Detection of Illicit Materials


 PF Illicit Material Detection

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