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Plasma-Focus Device

A Plasma-Focus Device (5 KJ), with the use of equipment on loan from ENEA and Pirelli Labs, has been constructed at the MLab (see Experimental Setup) under the supervision of Prof. Vladimir Gribkov, Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics (ITEP), Moscow, Russia; and Dr. Ryszard Miklaszewski, Institute of Plasma Physics and Laser Microfusion (IPPLM), Warsaw, Poland; and in collaboration with Ass. Prof. P. Lee, Plasma Radiation Sources Laboratory, NIE, Singapore and Dr. Leopoldo Soto, Chilean Nuclear Energy Commission (CCHEN), Chile.




There is a very fruitful collaboration between MLab and the Institutions mentioned above: 

PF-1000,  IPPLM

Warsaw, Poland

 PF-1000 PF-1000



NX-1  Singapore

                              PF-10  ITEP, Moscow


PF4-Ripetitive Plasma Focus (1 Hz)

ENEA Brasimone Plasma Focus Laboratory



Portable DPF ING-102


E = 0.2 kJ

Weight = 15 kg

Neutron yield 10 n/shot

 Portable DPF-ING102


PF-6  pre-prototype of the radiation

sources (IPPLM)


Condenser battery, pseudo-spark gaps
and collector of the PF-6
PF-6 chamber optimised for
maximum neutron yield
(8*108 neutrons/shot from DD reactions)

Compact PFD

Chilean Nuclear Energy Commission


Nano Focus 100mJ (1 cm)


PF-400J (10 cm)

 Nano Focus 100 mJ Compact FP-400J

Expected characteristics of the new sources of radiation:

 PF characteristics

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