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ICTP-SISSA Neurotelemetry Project


This is a joint collaboration project with SISSA for the development of a novel neuronal data acquisition and telemetry system for advanced neuroscience experimental research.

Recording and measurement of the electrical impulses of neurons play a fundamental role in laboratory research as well as in the clinical environment. In the laboratory, the study of neuronal activity allows researchers to investigate the working mechanisms of the brain. In the clinic, the same approach offers the hope of understanding the fundamental bases of brain pathologies and to create innovative therapies against them.

The final goal of this project is the production of a wireless in vivo neuronal recording system including a small electronic device for real time monitoring of neuronal activity through the acquisition, processing and transmission of bio-potential signals coming from implanted electrodes.

The project foresees hardware and software development including novel architectures and ad-hoc real time data processing algorithms. The project faces several technological challenges.

During 2008 important results have been achieved by demonstrating the feasibility of the project. Critical high-tech components have been validated by using MLAB FPGA based RVI platforms and associated specific hardware-software architectures. The MLAB group has contributed with its expertise in high performance data acquisition and processing systems, and programmable logic devices.




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