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ICTP–INFN Microprocessor Laboratory


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In the 1980's the Direzione Generale per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo (General Directorate for Cooperation to Development) of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs provided the necessary funds to start a Microprocessor Laboratory at the ICTP. This was done with the cooperation of the United Nations University (UNU), Tokyo, Japan, through the sponsorship of its programmes in association with the Direzione.

In 1985, ICTP signed an agreement with the Italian Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN, National Institute of Nuclear Physics), to jointly operate the Microprocessor Laboratory, always with the sponsorship of UNU.


The activities of the ICTP-INFN Microprocessor Laboratory have been divided along the following lines:

The purpose of projects is to train, through research, scientists from developing countries. Since projects are real and important, an ideal environment is created to sharpen the problem solving abilities of the participating scientists. Funds required for research are obtained from funding agencies, other than ICTP, after an open competition with other institutions.
In recent years the Laboratory has organized and provided support not only to courses strictly related to Microprocessors, but also to other activities related to telematics, programming of real-time systems, data acquisition systems, digital signal processing and scientific instrumentation. 

Up to now, more than a thousand scientists have attended the courses organized by the Laboratory. Special effort was put in the organization of the courses held outside Trieste, such as those that took place in: Sri Lanka, Colombia, Portugal, P.R. China, Argentina, Ghana, Mexico, Cuba, Cameroon, Vietnam, The Philippines, and Peru.


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