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Plasma Focus Laboratory


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The international agreement to move forward with the construction of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) combined with the recent signals from developing countries, expressing their will to join this huge scientific and technological undertaking, highlights the critical need to support and develop plasma physics research around the world.

Furthermore, the recent growth in plasma processing techniques applied to core technology sectors, e.g., material science, physics and chemistry of high energy density and biosciences has contributed to a re-birth of applied and experimental plasma physics.

The overall goal is to establish a research centre for reference on plasma-focus science and applications at ICTP with a visible contribution to main stream research, excellency education, and innovative non-commercial and commercial applications. This centre will aimed to be a pivot member of a future World’s or at least a European network of such laboratories on plasma focus science and technology. 

The Laboratory is based upon three main pillars:

Partner Institutions Include: 











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