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ICTP RVI Project


Recent advances in Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA)  have made it possible and affordable to efficiently build various complex hardware emulation systems. This technology promises new levels of system integration onto a single FPGA, but also presents significant challenges to the designer.

The proposed RVI (Reconfigurable Virtual Instrumentation) project greatly leverages the latest FPGA technological advances. Its goal is to provide a low-cost reusable common hardware/software platform for the emulation and evaluation of multiple electronic and scientific instrumentation systems. Unlike previous approaches, the proposed architecture leverages a block-based design methodology that emphasizes design reuse as an effective mean to cope with the challenge of a growing design complexity. Also, an open source approach to the project allows future users and contributors to rely on previously developed software, making the emulation of new instruments increasingly more cost-effective. 


More details about ICTP RVI Project:


Introduction and Relevance

System Architecture

Publications, Presentations and Seminars

Hardware System

Software System



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