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Training and Education at Microprocessor Lab


In the last twenty five years or so, microprocessors and microelectronics in general have brought about a revolution in computer science, manufacturing, telecommunications as well as in space and high-energy physics. In view of the impact of this new technology, it was quite natural that ICTP started organizing courses on physics of microprocessor and its applications. For ICTP it meant a departure from purely theoretical physics, and a step towards technology and the applied aspects of physics.  

In 1981 the ICTP Microprocessor Laboratory provided the organization of the First Microprocessor College. The course was such a success that it was decided to repeat it: at ICTP every odd year, and, a regional one, in a developing country every even year. A hands-on experience was intended to be an essential component of the Microprocessor Laboratory courses. Up to now, more than a thousand scientists have attended the courses organized by the Laboratory . A special effort was put in the organization of the courses held outside Trieste, such as those that took place in: Sri Lanka, Colombia, Portugal, P.R. China, Argentina, Ghana, Mexico, Cuba, Cameroon, Vietnam, The Philippines, and Peru.


Present Training Activities

Presently the Microprocessor Laboratory organizes schools and workshops on the following main topics: Advanced FPGA Design and VHDL, Programmable System on Chip (SoC), Reconfigurable Instrumentation and High Performance Data Acquisition and Processing System (e.g. based on DSP-FPGA combination). These activities are mainly funded by ICTP.

2015 Training Activities:  

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